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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ] BuxP

What is BUXP?
BUXP is a new innovative, international and free English based service that allows advertisers to reach thousands of potential customers by displaying their ad on our, "Browse Ads" page where members are able to view these ads and get paid.

How does it work?
You view websites in 5,30 or 45 second sessions via the "Browse Ads" page. Meanwhile, you need to click the correct color box in the frame of the page. Once the timer is done, you will get a "Credited" Sign. Make sure you only click one link at a time. Please view our video tutorial on correctly viewing advertisements. Refer members using your unique link on the "My Account" page and earn extra money for every active member that joins under you!

What are the personal earnings per click on BUXP?
Standard Members
5 Second Ads: $0.001
30 Second Ads: $0.005
45 Second Ads: $0.006
Video Ads: $0.001
Premium Members
5 Second Ads: $0.002
30 Second Ads: $0.01
45 Second Ads: $0.011
Video Ads: $0.002

What are the earnings per click from your referrals on BUXP?
Standard Members
5 Second Ads: $0.0005
30 Second Ads: $0.002
45 Second Ads: $0.003
Premium Members
5 Second Ads: $0.001
30 Second Ads: $0.004
45 Second Ads: $0.006

Why has my balance been reset to $0.00?
You have most probably clicked on the cheat link. It is the last ad found on our "Browse Ads" page.

Can other people in my household join?
They must have a valid unique e-mail address and valid unique PayPal/Alertpay address/account to register with our program. As far as cheating goes, our software detects users who create fictitious accounts and use the same computer so if someone else in your household wants to join and will legitimately use their account; you shouldn't be flagged for abuse. Take in mind that people from the same household cannot join as your referral.

Are purchases instant?
No, they take up to 48 hours to be processed as mentioned in our ToS.

The ad counter is incorrect
Some ads only show at certain times of the day and some have a maximum amount of visits per day. The ad count also includes video ads and demographic ads.

Can I have more than one account?
No. There is no need to maintain more than one account. If you've lost your login information, you can request to have it sent to your e-mail address by clicking here. Possessing 2 or more accounts is considered as infringing our ToS which will lead to your accounts being terminated and all monies lost.

My network, school or ISP all use the same or randomly used IP addresses, can I join?
Yes, this is fine. The same general rule applies from the previous question.

I am unable to replace my referrals
Referral availability is low hence you must keep checking if more replaces are available. (This is only for premium members)

How much money can I make?
This depends on how many referrals you have, your membership type and the methods you use to make money. The more ads you view, offers you complete, videos you view, the more you will earn.

How do I refer others?
Use your unique referral link which can be found in your My Account page.

Why am I unable to purchase referrals?
Referrals are only sold on weekends around 12AM GMT.

How can I cancel my account?
You can delete your account via your profile.

Why do I have to click twice to see the "DONE" message?
Check your antivirus, antispyware/adware programs, your browser settings for cookies and java script acceptance. If this doesn't work, try cleaning your cache or reboot your computer.

I cannot receive mails from BuxP
You need to make sure that mail from the BuxP domain is not being blocked, Try adding "" to your whitelist.

Ads are not crediting to my account
Try disabling all antivirus and antispyware/adware programs. If this doesn't work, try cleaning your cache, temp files, cookies, etc. If you're still having problems after all of that, try changing or updating your browser.

How do I get paid?
If you have at least $7.99 accumulated, you can click on your account balance within your stats area and it will submit your request. Currently, we make payments via Alertpay and Paypal.

When do I get paid?
You can request for payment once you're account balance is at least $7.99. Your payment will be processed and issued via Alertpay within 30 business days and 5 business days for premium users. You can only request one payment at the time. Premium members can cashout INSTANTLY via paypal if certain requirements are met (if you meet the requirements, an option to cashout instantly will appear on the cashout page)

What are the requirements to get paid through Paypal?
We currently only pay premium members through Paypal & standard members from US, CA or UK with minimum $7.99, and other members who have more than $17.99 in their account balance.

Why did I get paid less then what I was owed?
Payment processors may have deducted money for fee requirements.

Advertiser FAQ

How does the advertising work?
When you order an advertising package, we first approve the site and then insert it on the "Browse Ads" page. All new ad entries appear at the top of the list. We only charge you for unique visits that our members generate. All outside visits are free. For instance, you may order 1,000 visits but you may receive 1,300 or more visits because of non-members checking out the "Surf Ads" page. You're essentially getting more for your money.

Are my visits guaranteed?
Yes. We guarantee that you will receive at least the amount of traffic that you ordered.

Is each visit unique from the last?
Default, each visit is unique for 24h. But when you purchase traffic, you have the option to make each visit unique for 24,48 or 72h, or forever. This has effect on the speed of daily traffic however.

Are there any restrictions?
We do not accept sites that use frame breakers or have virus/malware on it. Adult and Warez sites are allowed.

Why did my ad end so quickly?
Smaller purchases like the 100 and 500 visit ads usually expire within 10-20 minutes. Sometimes even sooner. BuxP generally has 500+ users online at a time.

How do you calculate the prices?
Check out this page to see our prices

Why I have not received my Ad status email?
You need to make sure that mail from the buxp domain is not being blocked, Try adding "" to your whitelist and check your spambox.


Good day to all of you! Here you have my full review of the PTC site BuxP! To those of you who don’t know PTC sites are a popular way to earn money online. Some people pay others to visit their website and other people (Like me and hopefully you) get paid to visit these pages. If you are skeptic about these so called PTC sites I completely understand you. There are literally hundreds of sites like this that promise you money but when the payout day comes you won’t earn a dime and you have just wasted your time earning a company money. Trust me I spend a lot of time testing online earning opportunities and have experienced sites turn scam as well but BuxP is one of the rare ones that is completely legit. Truly a gem when it comes to PTCs.


You can earn money from this website for free!
They are paying their members without problems and have done so for over 3 years.
Get paid between 0.001 and 0.006 dollars for every site you visit. (See earning section below for more detailed info)

If you are 18 years of age or older you can increase your earnings by visiting websites with adult content too.

After you have been a member for 2 weeks you can also earn by watching youtube videos.
Complete surveys to earn Survey Points. Then use your survey points to get lottery tickets, referrals, visits to your own site, or even premium membership! (Pretty awesome feature)
You can cashout through Paypal or Alertpay.
There is no direct referral limit. Refer as many people as you can or want and get a bonus up to 0.003 dollars for every site your referral visits. So if you decide to join be a nice follower and join through my link will you? Thank you.


The payout minimum is kind of high for paypal in my opinion and it can take some time to reach. Alertpay payout = $7.99. Paypal payout = $17.99. My advice is patience; Rome wasn’t built in one day. If you haven’t got patience PTC sites aren’t for you. Getting a few active referrals can speed up the process though.
Did you notice the last link with red capital letters screaming not to click it because it's an anti cheat link? Don't click it, it's an anti cheat link.

People from China and Pakistan can’t join. The reason seems to be that there has been a lot of cheat attempts from those 2 countries.


You get paid by viewing advertisements as a member between 0.001 and 0.02 depending on the advertisement type and your membership. You will get paid when any of referrals click on ads, buy any advertising packs, and best of all whenever they or there referrals upgrade to premium through eight levels! Basically your income chances are unlimited that’s why it is one of the top 10 ptc sites. YES it pays!

Register for a free account, Log-In and click browse ads. Get paid for each ad you view.

Receive a monthly paycheck for your activity.By taking advantage of the ClixSense online advertising program, as a potential online consumer, you can actually get paid for your web browsing, up to $5.00 for every 30 seconds worth of work. The income you earn is paid directly to you every month. The best part about the ClixSense program is that as a potential online consumer, there is no charge to register your new account and begin earning money immediately.

How does it work?
Create a free account, log in, click “Browse Ads”, and get paid. It’s that simple.

How much can I earn?
Your earnings potential is only limited by the number of sites available for your profile view. You can earn even more with our free affiliate program.

How much do I get paid for each 30 second web site view I complete?
Payment amounts are set by the website owner and will vary from site to site.

I’m an affiliate of a web site. Can I have ClixSense members review my web page?
Absolutely! Register a free account, log in, click “Buy Ads”, and set your target group options.

How long will it take me to start earning money?
You will earn money today. I guarantee it!

Why Affiliate Marketing Is So Successful

Affiliate marketing is the mainstay of internet business. It accounts for billions of dollars every single year. The main reason that affiliate marketing is so successful and so many people are jumping on the affiliate bandwagon, is because it actually works. You have heard of companies like AffiliateBot, PayPal, Chitika and others that are all helping the affiliate marketing business to boom.

The main reason that it works is the magic figure of 99 percent. The figure 99 percent is so important because this represents the amount of people that are coming to your website that will never buy your product or service.

It’s a proven fact that only one percent of people visiting a website will actually buy that websites product or service directly. This means the other 99 percent of visitors will never buy.

The vast majority of website owners out there who are trying to do business online are not actually seizing this opportunity. They are focusing on creating sales letters and optimizing their website to sell to people in the one percent. This is a big mistake as the other 99 percent of visitors won’t buy your product. That’s where affiliate marketing comes in.

Affiliate marketing basically means selling other peoples stuff or getting other people to sell your stuff. With the 99 percent of visitors that won’t buy your product, what you need to do is get them to buy other peoples products. You need to get out of this mind trap of just focusing on selling your product or service.

If you own a hotel, for example, what you can do is you can sell other peoples product. You could promote tourist attractions. You could promote leisure facilities or sporting activities related to your hotel. When you make a sale these other companies would give you a commission. That, in essence, is what affiliate marketing is all about.

Now there are some great places where you can actually find new affiliates that will be willing to not only promote your product, but also have their own products which you can sell. It’s a lot easier to become an affiliate than you would think.

You should really only choose an affiliate program that gives you around 30 percent or more. There are some affiliate programs that will pay you 50 percent, 60 percent and more. It’s a great way to get supplemental income because, don’t forget, you are making money from visitors that are costing you and not giving you any revenue.

Good luck with your affiliate marketing efforts.

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Affiliatebot The Top Affiliate Network

Affiliate networks make it easy to earn with affiliate programs, as you can join and earn from as many as you can handle, affiliate earning is when you promote a product or service and you get a cut of the actual price normally known as an affiliate commission.
Affiliate bot is like other networks but as it is my favourite, it deserves special attention above all the rest of the affiliate networks, but primarily they all do the same thing, manage and track your affiliate promotions with detailed analytics that you can access within your account and track clicks, leads and sales.
The best way of using affiliate networks like affiliate bot is to go for the affiliate programs that you know full well that you can fit them easily into your blog or website. If you have a knowledgeable interest in one area such as financial or business, you may go for any types of affiliate programs like loans or business start ups.
So choosing the right affiliate programs are what the world of affiliate marketing is all about, placing them with your hobbies and main interests and making a business online from it. And lets face it affiliate marketing is a business and one that should be treated like a proper business.
Also with certain affiliate networks you get exclusive offers for new affiliate programs that you may not get anywhere else.

Track Your Affiliate Programs With AffiliateBOT

When it comes to tracking your affiliate promotions for each affiliate product, there are easy steps to take with tracking, so for getting the tracking code set up you need to join some relevant affiliate programs and then go to the get links were there are multiple html links and text links or even banner links if they are provided by the affiliate.
You can track the progress of your clicks and sales and even leads by filling in the sid field on your affiliate link edit that you do for every promotion you do, thi is your unique tracker that you yourself can identify which website your sales come from, so for instance I have a halloween blog so I would put something in there to recognize and know where my sales are made, I would put something like "hallowblog" and then copy the code or use the link, encrypt the link if you want your tracker hidden.

Using The AffiliateBOT Network

The affiliatebot network system is going through some great updates and new additions at the moment such as a user blog and soon an adsense addition to your affiliate user profile page.
All the affiliate programs come with the usual promotional tools such as banners and text links and these can be created within your account as trackable links!
Also the combinations of using banners where appropriate and what fits your site best with text links placed within your websites content, relevant links also help you side your article content with matching affiliate links that add value to your readers and internet visitors.
With the addition of the blog that is now available within your account you are free to use it for whatever you are promoting, but I recommend you use it as your special deals, offers and other discounts on your affiliate programs, this could help you keep your blog focused towards any existing customers you do have and direct all of the discounters and deal seekers to our blog.

Keys to Financial Success

Although making resolutions to improve your financial situation is a good thing to do at any time of year, many people find it easier at the beginning of a new year. Regardless of when you begin, the basics remain the same. Here are my top ten keys to getting ahead financially.

1. Get Paid What You're Worth and Spend Less Than You Earn
It sounds simplistic, but many people struggle with this first basic rule. Make sure you know what your job is worth in the marketplace, by conducting an evaluation of your skills, productivity, job tasks, contribution to the company, and the going rate, both inside and outside the company, for what you do. Being underpaid even a thousand dollars a year can have a significant cumulative effect over the course of your working life.
No matter how much or how little you're paid, you'll never get ahead if you spend more than you earn. Often it's easier to spend less than it is to earn more, and a little cost-cutting effort in a number of areas can result in big savings. It doesn't always have to involve making big sacrifices.

2. Stick to a Budget
One of my favorite subjects: budgeting. It's not a four-letter word. How can you know where your money is going if you don't budget? How can you set spending and saving goals if you don't know where your money is going? You need a budget whether you make thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

3. Pay Off Credit Card Debt
Credit card debt is the number one obstacle to getting ahead financially. Those little pieces of plastic are so easy to use, and it's so easy to forget that it's real money we're dealing with when we whip them out to pay for a purchase, large or small. Despite our good resolves to pay the balance off quickly, the reality is that we often don't, and end up paying far more for things than we would have paid if we had used cash.

4. Contribute to a Retirement Plan
If your employer has a 401(k) plan and you don't contribute to it, you're walking away from one of the best deals out there. Ask your employer if they have a 401(k) plan (or similar plan), and sign up today. If you're already contributing, try to increase your contribution. If your employer doesn't offer a retirement plan, consider an IRA.

5. Have a Savings Plan
You've heard it before: Pay yourself first! If you wait until you've met all your other financial obligations before seeing what's left over for saving, chances are you'll never have a healthy savings account or investments. Resolve to set aside a minimum of 5% to 10% of your salary for savings BEFORE you start paying your bills. Better yet, have money automatically deducted from your paycheck and deposited into a separate account.

6. Invest!
If you're contributing to a retirement plan and a savings account and you can still manage to put some money into other investments, all the better.

7. Maximize Your Employment Benefits
Employment benefits like a 401(k) plan, flexible spending accounts, medical and dental insurance, etc., are worth big bucks. Make sure you're maximizing yours and taking advantage of the ones that can save you money by reducing taxes or out-of-pocket expenses.

8. Review Your Insurance Coverages
Too many people are talked into paying too much for life and disability insurance, whether it's by adding these coverages to car loans, buying whole-life insurance policies when term-life makes more sense, or buying life insurance when you have no dependents. On the other hand, it's important that you have enough insurance to protect your dependents and your income in the case of death or disability.

9. Keep Good Records
If you don't keep good records, you're probably not claiming all your allowable income tax deductions and credits. Set up a system now and use it all year. It's much easier than scrambling to find everything at tax time, only to miss items that might have saved you money.

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Google Adsense alternative

Start Earning Revenue From Your Website Traffic

Many of you may be well aware of Google adsense affiliate program which is the market-leader in PPC(pay-per-click) affiliate marketing. However, many of you may not be aware of "Chitika" PPC affiliate program which is closely following Google adsense. Google AdSense and Chitika are the current two top players in the PPC advertising market. The best alternative to Google Adsense as far as earning money through Ads is concerned. Many sites tried to be like Adsense but each of them failed just because they were not innovative.

Chitika allows you to display ads on your website, blog, app or mobile site, with content from our high-quality network of advertisers. Chitika offers search-targeted, mobile, and local ads to best target your users.
If you haven’t yet implemented Chitika ads on your site, you may be missing out on some extra revenue.

Most of the bloggers use both Chitika ads in conjunction with Google Adsense. A good Chitika + Adsense Placement guide reference is mentioned by Mert Erkal. Chitika and Google Adsense are two major sources of making money from blogging by Darren Rowse. The reason for top bloggers starting using Chitika ads was a great potential to make money from it in the long run. The recent Chitika Premium Ads from Chitika has made it more popular and competitive from Google Adsense resulting in more and more people making money with Chitika. Hence Chitika is considered as the best Google Adsense alternative.

Getting a new blog approved from Google Adsense is a bit difficult. Google has a strict advertising policy now. Good and ample content with certain search engine visibility is better before going for an Adsense account. In the meantime new bloggers after at least 10-15 posts should apply for Chitika. Chitika approves submitted domains either for Bronze, Silver, or Gold-level Chitika ads depending upon the traffic and visibility of the domains on the search engines.

Chitika is a good way of monetizing a blog for bloggers who do not have an adsense account or whose adsense account has been banned, that is why it is a good alternative adsense advertising program for Google Adsense publishers as well as others.

1. Established - Founded May 2003. That is over 8 years of service.

2. Yes, it Pays - I took a little time for us to test and get paid from this site since we are testing other sites as well. We were paid and others are reporting payments as well. Here are our payment proofs and links to other people's proofs as well:

3. All Countries Can Earn - All publishers from all countries can earn as long as their site is in English. Non English sites are not accepted as per their terms. You will earn off of USA and Canadian visitors and clicks.

Do not have any websites or blogs?

Not to worry! Chitika offers referral programs like any other affiliate marketing. It will be Great news if you manage to know anyone who owns a website or who blogs! They do have a referral program and there is no limit on the number you can refer to this site. However you will earn 10% of the CPC revenue that your referrals earns for up to 15 months from their approval date.

The main features of Chitika are :
1) Chitika ads can be displayed along with Google Ads.
2) Geo Targeted Ads
3) We can customize the look and feel of ads
4) Integration is damn easy.
5) Different types of ads formats like pictures in ads
6) Control over keyword targeted ads
7) Chitika also have their own affiliate program.

Click the button below to join if you are interested!